A pro se clinic whose mission is to assist Long Island
immigrants with their asylum cases

The Need
A steering group of organizations and faith-based congregations has been formed to address the need of our Long Island immigrant sisters and brothers for assistance with their applications for asylum, or when looking for relief from deportation and detention, and other immigration related paperwork. Through history and experience, the steering group recognizes that there is a dearth of services on Long Island to help with this particular need, and thus in concert with the NYC based New Sanctuary Coalition, we are designing a program that will follow the model of New Sanctuary's very successful Pro Se Clinic, which has been in operation since 2016.

What is a pro se clinic?
'Pro Se' means 'in one's own behalf.' While the purpose of the clinic is to assist with the need described above, it will be staffed by non-attorney volunteers who are supervised by experienced immigrant rights organizers and immigration lawyers. It will not be a licensed legal clinic. What it will do is help those who come to fill out asylum applications, to identify ways they can obtain legal relief from deportation and detention, to understand their rights so they can fight their own case, or to assist them in locating a pro bono or low bono attorney who will represent them in court. In addition, volunteers will help them prepare for court appearances or interviews, and link with existing 'accompaniment' programs to accompany and support them at their hearings.

When do individuals typically come to the pro se clinic?
•   When they recently arrived to this country and they want to apply for asylum
•   A loved one has been detained or threatened with deportation
•   They have received a deportation notice
•   For help with employment and other forms connected with their immigration status

What type of volunteers and skills are needed?
We will be looking for volunteers to act as interpreters, persons with computer skills (to input individuals' information into database forms), and note takers to help with the completion of Intakes and the compilation of documentation required in their applications. Initial training will be provided through ZOOM technology.

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Where will it be located?
Due to the pandemic, we anticipate the Clinic will also start 'virtually' through online technology such as Zoom and Whats App. Intakes may be completed in social distanced appropriate locations. New Sanctuary Coalition has been operating their NYC Clinic virtually since the start of the pandemic, and has done this quite successfully. At a future date, we plan to open a face to face clinic when it is safe to do so.

When will this start?
We are hoping to begin in the first half of 2021. More details will be forthcoming. We will keep you posted!

Steering Group Member Organizations
Empire Justice, Episcopal Diocese - Community Justice Ministry, Huntington Rapid Response Network, LI Jobs with Justice, North Brookhaven Sanctuary Cluster, SEPA Mujer, Sisters of St. Dominic, Sisters of St. Joseph, YAM Community Resource

Contact Us
For more information and to volunteer to help,
e-mail   liimmigrationclinic@gmail.com

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